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Handmade luxury pieces designed by Katie and consciously crafted by you! The brand celebrates traditional and detail intensive processes focusing on Crochet, embroidery and pompoms with a strong love of colour! The new MIY range brings its designs out of the Luxury stores and into your homes!  Katie’s designs offerers a range of pieces for you to make in your own home or at one of our workshops.

Katie focuses on sustainable practice embracing her Granny's vision of making something beautiful from nothing. By repurposing vintage pieces, along with containing the supply chain by making the pieces yourself Katie ensures that her designs are consciously addressing issues of over-consumerism, landfill and support the brands #sofasnotsweatshops mantra!

More than just creating beautiful garments, the brand creates playful experiences that encourage and champion social and environmental change. Running and participating in a wide range of workshops and events which let you interact and engage with the brand, sharing skills and knowledge on textile crafts.

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