Katie Jones is an inspirational knitwear designer who teams playful aesthetics with serious ethics!

Katie's self named brand was launched by the British Fashion Councils Estethica after finishing her MA at Central Saint Martins and she won Selfridges Bright New Things Award in 2016. It has been stocked in luxury stores worldwide and featured on the pages of global fashion and craft publications such as Vogue Dazed and Confused, AnOther, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Stylebubble, Mollie Makes, Inside Crochet, Selvedge Magazine, and Simply Crochet. Katie now launches her Make-It-Yourself Collection, the designer’s new #sofasnotsweatshops mantra puts the task of constructing the garment in the hands of the customer, joining in with the love of the make and making luxury fashion accessible!

“I felt alienated from my pieces, the desire to keep all my making UK based to control my supply chain made prices extremely high, this teamed with wholesale mark up made a single piece become a small fortune. I wanted to keep the making local so I thought what was more local than homemade! I LOVE the make and I wanted to share this experience with as many people that wanted to join in with me and that’s where the idea to turn the brand into a MIY label came from”

The brand has always focused on sustainable practice embracing Katie’s Granny's vision of making something beautiful from nothing and consciously addressing issues of over-consumerism. It creates wearable, artisanal collections that are big on colour and texture. But more than just creating beautiful garments, the brand creates playful experiences that encourage and champion social and environmental change. By running and participating in a wide range of workshops and events Katie wants people to interact and engage with the brand, sharing her skills and knowledge on textile crafts and sustainable Fashion.

Come and enter Katie’s world and hand make yourself a piece of luxury womenswear, homeware or accessory consciously crafted by you!